Vixen's Curves

Vixen James is a self-made woman. As the founder of the Multi-million dollar company Eve’s Lace. Her life seemed perfect. Wealth, great friends a Fortune 500 company but one thing was missing the man of her dreams.Daniel Mancini is a man’s man. Successful, handsome, wealthy so how he ended up hoping to find love on an online dating site was beyond him and it certainly wasn’t in his plans. Luckily Vixen’s friends had the same idea. Could a Multi-million dollar curvy woman find love with a man who doesn’t normally like plus size women?

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Independent and feisty, Angela McMillan is a single mother making ends meet as an executive assistant. Her ex-husband uses scare tactics to keep her from pursuing support for her children and she resigns herself to a solitary, uphill road. With no time for dating and a healthy mistrust of the opposite sex, she’s determined to make it on her own.

When Julian McKenna first lays eyes on his beautiful next door neighbor, Angela, he’s instantly enamored. Not only is he taken by her easygoing charm and the loving way she raises her girls, he can’t stop thinking of her voluptuous curves and fantasizing about what he’d like to do with her. As an ex-Marine and man of integrity, he valiantly tries to keep his lust in check and instead focuses on being the well-behaved and helpful neighbor he is.  But it’s getting harder each day.

Julian’s plan works until the lights go out one night and he makes his intentions clear. Angela is cautiously torn between her unbridled sexual needs and her skepticism, but her best friend strongly urges her to finally allow love into her life.

Things get complicated after an especially steamy night with Julian causes Angela’s ex-husband to threaten to take her children. His intimidating behavior causes her to withdraw from the love Julian has offered. In return, Julian is furious and questions her loyalty. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Will Angela’s fears keep her a prisoner of her ex-husband forever? Or will she find the strength to finally stand up and go after a second chance at love?

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