Even in this era of streaming video sites, webcam sites, and other elaborate venues of adult entertainment, erotica continues to draw. Visit any erotic story website, and you will find thousands or even tens of thousands of stories. You will find short stories, full-length novels, erotic poetry, and just about anything else you can possibly imagine.


And in terms of categories, you’re not going to believe what is available to you. Every genre imaginable, and every type of story you could ever want to read. Truly, if you want to read a good piece of erotica, you are probably not going to be disappointed.


That is, unless you want to find stories featuring curvy heroines.


Where Are The Curvy Women In Erotica

Obviously, erotica is the invention of the imagination. While most of us understand that performing outrageous sex acts carries a number of risks, we also know that at least in terms of our imaginations, things are still relatively safe. You are going to be blown away by some of the sexy twists and turns being put to the page by current erotica writers.


Yet when it comes to curvy women, it would seem that erotica doesn’t represent them as well as they do with other categories, fetishes, and subjects. Why is this the case? There are people who just can’t fathom the notion of a beautiful curvy woman. These people can’t even imagine the concept of a curvy dominatrix.


Again, why is this case? Unfortunately, the answer is not pleasant. Although the world is more accepting of diversity in body size in the worlds of film, television, modeling, and even porn, there is still a great deal of deep-seated discomfort with plus-size women and their sexuality. We struggle to accept the notion that a large woman not only has sex, but enjoys it. When we keep this in mind, it becomes clear that we certainly don’t want to imagine curvy women performing specific sex acts or having certain desires. Bondage is just one area in which you can apply this thought. We don’t want to picture a curvy dominatrix, because we don’t want to imagine a curvy woman in that light.


We continue to associate weight with health. When someone is heavy, we tend to consider them unhealthy, which is an easy mood killer for many. For erotica to embrace curvy women, we must first begin to eliminate our misconceptions and dismantle our casual bigotry. This is how things will change.