The recent inclusion of plus-size model Tess Holliday on the cover of People Magazine is indeed a victory for the concept of diversity. It would appear that even longtime clothing advertisers and other companies are beginning to see the potential marketing value in the notion that beauty comes in a wide variety of forms.


However, there is still a great deal more in the world of plus-size modeling that needs to be addressed and dealt with. You can certainly extend this thought towards the subject of race and plus-size modeling. While some will say that good progress has been made in this arena, no one is going to argue with the fact that much more needs to be done.


Plus-Size Modeling And Diversity

While Tess Holliday’s recent career peaks are certainly worth celebrating, the battle for stronger diversity in the world of plus-size modeling continues. One simply needs to flip open that very People magazine to the story featuring Holliday and other plus-size models. When you do open the magazine, you are going to discover two things.


In the first place, you’re going to find that each of the women are breathtaking in their beauty and confidence. The second thing you’re going to notice is that there is a startling lack of color amongst the models. Only one of the models is a non-Caucasian, and there are no African American models to be found.


Why is this the case? In all probability, People is not overtly racist. It is extremely unlikely that the magazine made a deliberate attempt to exclude women of color and African Americans. However, unintentional racism is still indeed racism. There are in fact a number of beautiful, dazzling African American models who would fall under the plus-size or BBW (big beautiful women) category. Were any of them offered the cover? Were any of them even considered for the story?


It is doubtful. African American women are forced to subscribe to beauty standards that no other ethnicity has to consider. There have been “legitimate” studies that suggest the horrific idea that African American women are scientifically inferior to other races, in terms of physical appearance. With factors such as these, it is clear to many women that African American beauty is not held in the same regard as other concepts of beauty within ethnicities. This is something that clearly needs to change. African American women continue to fight for respect, and it is high time that People celebrated that fact.