This is Leila Lacey. With my new site getting all set up I decided to “re-introduce” myself to you guys. As I sat down to write a blog about… ME… I realized I had NO idea what to say.

See I am not the type of woman that can go on and on and on about herself. I am more of a listener than a talker if that makes sense. Then I said well damn how in the hell are you going to tell people about you with nothing to say?

Then I had a “ah ha” moment, in the words of Queen Oprah! LOL. (SN: Am I the only one that thinks she need royalty status? I mean the lady is BOSS!) LOL

Anyway, back to the idea. I recently did a radio show where I was asked some questions that I really liked. It encouraged me to think but I did not feel pressured to say stuff that I thought was acceptable. So below is the interview for you guys to read.

Now I will say that this covers who I am as a writer not as a person. While in my head I am a writer. I have multiple parts to me. NO not personalities just parts.

Let me quit lying my middle name should have been Sybil! I just keep them heffas in their own separate closets so they don’t fight to be in the front of the line. LOL


About the personality part anyway. So here is the interview, hope you enjoy. I will say as I write these blogs I think that you will get a little bit of insight into me as a person by what I choose to say. I promise to always be real, and give it to you straight, from my point of view anyway.

Leila Lacey

1). Who are you…..
As an author I feel I am the voice for a very under represented populous of women. Which to me is the everyday woman, the women that you see at the grocery store, the mall, the zoo. I strive to be the voice for the “real woman”

2). What author/s were your earliest literary influences
I did a lot of reading as a kid/teenager. I will not lie and give a list of all the great literary people that I have read. I can say honestly I didn’t have sense enough to pay attention to who wrote the books that I loved.
Harlequin Romance was a HUGE part of my reading library… and as to know there are a range of authors under that umbrella. Next, I would say Maya Angelou, I love the way that she wrote a woman loving herself, the sensuality of her body, mind and spirit all rolled into one.

3). What author/s influences you now
I can say the 3 authors that I have read in the most in recent years are, Sandra Brown, Diana Palmer and Beverly Jenkins. I can say in the past year of me being a published writer I have done very little reading. But now that I am into the swing of things and my process, I am picking back up again.

4). What three books can’t you live without?
Mirror Image by Sandra Brown
Night Song by Beverly Jenkins
Lawless by Diana Palmer

5). If you were to describe your writing style in three words what would those words be?
Real, Innovative and relateable

6). How did you get into Romance writing?
Two friends of mine told me about the National Novel Writing Contest (better known as Nano) that happens every November and I had always wanted to write a romance book from the hundreds I had read, but never thought I could be published. Well I participated in the contest, wrote a novel in 30 days, and one of the “gifts” was a free copy of your self-published book through create space. I had NO idea until then that you could publish yourself. The rest is history!

7). What exactly is Phoenix Rising?
According to mythology, the Phoenix bird lived for 500 years and, several days before it died, created a nest using aromatic twigs. It set fire to the nest and went down in flames. Then, after three days, is born again, rising out of the ashes. This is where the phrase, “Phoenix from the ashes” comes from.
My book is a play on words to that version of its meaning. The character Phoenix has a past as we all do that has kept her down in certain ways and through the pages of the story she rises from the ashes stronger, happier, smarter.

8). What was the easiest part of writing Phoenix Rising and the most difficult?
Interestingly enough the easy part was also the hard part at times. The connection that I have with these women and what I want them to portray and represent makes it easy to sit down and just let the story flow. But that also can be the hurdle. Having such a connection can make it hard sometimes to ensure that I am doing every character justice in each story.

9). What or who inspired the main characters?
All five of the women in the series are loosely based on women that have touched me in my life and that I have great admiration and respect for. So that was my base, as I wrote the first book in the series. They took on a life of their own. They write themselves, I will have a plan and be mid story and one of them will say… YEAH NO… and I go the way they tell me.

10). What three things do you want potential readers to know about Phoenix Rising?
1. That they will experience a range of emotions reading this book, they will laugh, cry, and swoon.
2. That it is a part of a series and there are 3 books before this one.
3. That this is just the beginning for this group of women and the stories I intend to write for them.

12). What’s next for Leila?
Wow… well I have plans to expand the range of my romance books. Romance being my first love I want to also go into romantic thrillers, and romantic mysteries. I am a mother and my daughters are 10 and 11, they are so proud their mom as an author but hate that they can’t read my books. So I am planning and I am actually in the process of working on a young adult/children series.

Which I hope to release the first book for 20 15.
As far as this series, I am planning to work on getting these ladies on the big screen. These 5 women would not be justly represented if they were not portrayed by some of the top actresses in Hollywood in a movie that other women can get together with their best girls friends and go and seeMe Pretty